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UCAS Extra

If you are interested in studying an undergraduate degree in September 2019, but have used your five UCAS choices and not received any offers, you might be eligible for UCAS Extra.

UCAS Extra is open until 4 July 2019.

For details of Cardiff University courses that are available through UCAS Extra, visit the UCAS website.

Watch a video on 'how to use UCAS Extra'.

How to apply

1. Use the UCAS search tool

Find the course you are interested in and contact our admissions team to see if we will consider your application.

2. Apply for the course through UCAS

Once you have confirmed the course you are interested in, you can apply through Extra, just add the details in UCAS Track. You can only apply for one course at a time. Your application will then be considered by the University.

3. Receiving an offer

If we make you an offer, you then need to choose whether to accept it or reject it using UCAS Track (subject to you meeting any requirements).

Find out more about our vacancies on UCAS Extra.