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Feedback to unsuccessful applicants

The University is committed to providing unsuccessful applicants with the opportunity to receive appropriate feedback about their applications.

Applicants may request feedback about the initial selection decision communicated to them by the University.

Requests for feedback must:

  • be submitted by the applicant to Admissions in writing. Data protection legislation means that the University is unable to respond to requests for feedback submitted by third parties
  • be submitted within 28 days of receipt of the University's decision, whether this is communicated by UCAS or the University directly
  • provide their application reference number, their full name and the programme of study applied for in their written request.

The University will provide its feedback about the application in a single written response. We regret that we are unable to enter into a dialogue with applicants in the provision of feedback, given the large number of applications received each year.

Where an Academic School is prepared to provide supplementary guidance to an applicant about making a future application, whether to Cardiff University or another institution, this will be signalled in the School's admissions criteria.

Requests for feedback should be addressed to:

Admissions Team
Cardiff University
McKenzie House
30-36 Newport Road
CF24 0DE

Read our Complaint and Appeals procedure

The Admissions Framework and its associated policies are currently under review. Whilst the information above is accurate at this time, it could be subject to change once the review is complete.

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