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Provisional results

We are unable to confirm decisions or potential places for those applicants with provisional results until official results are released on 10 August 2021.

This year, applicants studying through the WJEC awarding body may be given their provisional grades in June, ahead of the official release of results on 10 August.

Applicants studying through other awarding bodies (including Edexcel, Cambridge Exams and Pearson) will receive their official results on 10 August (or 12 August for GCSEs).

Unable to use provisional results

As these WJEC results are provisional, we cannot use them as evidence of meeting offer conditions or as a basis for making late offers as, unfortunately, they are not official results and could be subject to change. We are also unable to use them offer a place via Clearing, as official results are required.

Please get in touch with us once your final results are released on 10 August to discuss your Clearing options. Find out more about our Clearing and adjustment process.

If your provisional results are better than expected

If you have exceeded the terms of your offer, your place cannot be confirmed until your official results on 10 August, once your grades have been finalised.

We appreciate that for some, your provisional results may mean you are considering other opportunities. Please remember that, if you release your place, you may not be able to reverse your decision if you change your mind, as your place may have been filled. Take time to consider all your options and get advice before taking any action.

Remember that universities should not be accepting students on the basis of provisional results, so you should not have to take action before the 10 August.

If you are looking to join us through UCAS adjustment or Clearing, please contact us on 10 August.

If your provisional results are worse than expected

If your provisional results are lower than expected, please speak directly to your school or further education (FE) college, as they can review your grades and give you advice about your options. 

From 10 August, if you’re concerned about your final grades, you can start a formal appeals process, which your school or FE college will be able to advise on. Or you can contact your awarding body for advice.

Do not release your offer to study here

If your provisional results are lower than you expected, we strongly recommend that you do not release your offer to study here. Once we have received your official results, if your results do not meet the exact conditions of your offer, we will review your application and your final grades and advise whether we are still able to offer you a place.

Wait and contact us on 10 August

If you decline, withdraw, or release any university offers, you may not be able to reverse your decision if you change your mind, as your place may have been filled.

Before making any decisions, we strongly encourage you to wait and contact us on 10 August, when we will be able to discuss your options in more detail.

Ask us a question now

We know that this has been a difficult year, and we will do what we can to be as accommodating and flexible as possible. If you'd like to talk to us about your situation, please contact us.