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Clubs and societies

Clubs and societies
Clubs and societies

We have over 200 sports clubs and societies offering something for everyone.

From course-based societies to the Harry Potter Society, and rugby to korfball, the Students’ Union has plenty of options available to help fill your spare time and encourage you to try new things.

Athletic Union

The Athletic Union is the body that supports all sporting activity at Cardiff University Students' Union. We support students who run over 65 sports clubs including individual and team sports, outdoor and water sports and martial arts.

We believe that sport can positively contribute to the student experience, playing a role in helping to build social and support groups, keeping students active, and most importantly, offering a valuable opportunity for individuals to develop themselves.


Joining a society or committee at Cardiff University Students' Union will expand your friendship networks, help you grow in confidence and guarantee that your time in Cardiff is unforgettable. With over 200 societies to choose from, there are plenty of ways to fill your free time in between studies.

There is a full list of societies or if you can't find one that suits your needs, then why not try starting your own?

How to join

You can join societies and sports clubs online at any time throughout the year or at the Societies Fair and Sports Fair during Freshers’ Week.

Alternatively, why not have a taster through our Give it a go scheme?