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Programme expectations

This programme is seen as a partnership between athletes and the University.

If you are accepted on the programme, there are certain expectations you will need to meet:

  • Athletes must make every effort to compete/represent Cardiff University in BUCS competition at any appropriate time during the year. 
  • Regular meetings (one per semester) are arranged with the Performance Sport Officer to discuss individual needs and progress.
  • All competition dates/reports/photographs are submitted during the meetings and updated at frequent intervals via email so we can publicise the athletes career both within the University and the local/national press.
  • Athletes must make every effort to attend the High Performance Programme Induction Event and the Award Ceremony at dates to be confirmed by the Performance Sport Officer.
  • Academic performances of athletes must sustain standards set out to normal University regulations.
  • Athletes must make themselves available for any Cardiff University PR & press opportunities whenever possible. 
  • All relevant information e.g. term-time address, contact numbers, are kept up to date for all correspondence.
  • Collections of Financial Awards are made in person from the Performance Sport Officer.
    Any breach of these conditions may result in the athlete's position on the programme being suspended.