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Benefits for athletes

This programme is designed to benefit elite performance athletes by supporting their academic study and sporting careers simultaneously.

To enable a balance between the demands of study and sport, students on the High Performance Programme will benefit from:

Free branded kit A range of Cardiff University branded kit will be issued at the start of the academic year for all athletes.
Free facility membershipYou will be entitled to free membership of all our sports facilities.
PhysiotherapyYou will have full and unlimited access to Physiotherapy support.
Sport science supportFitness testing/assessments and Sport Specific Conditioning Programmes can be provided by staff within the University’s Sport Department.
Strength and conditioningOur Strength and Conditioning coaches can provide you with 1-2-1 strength and conditioning coaching / support in our Fitness and Conditioning Centre.
Sport psychologySports Psychologists will visit the University throughout the year to provide presentations and workshops for all athletes.
Sports massageAn on-site service is available to help with your training, recovery and preparation for competitions.
Core stability screeningAn assessment will help you to optimise your core stability so your muscles and joints can perform in their safest, strongest and most effective positions.
Media promotion and experienceCardiff University is continually striving to raise the profile of sport. As such, there are regular opportunities for HPP students to participate in interviews for the University TV channel, newspapers, website, alumni magazines as well as local/national press.
Development eventsYou will have free access to guest speakers and workshops which cover topics designed to assist with training and personal development such as Performance Lifestyle, Nutrition, Plyometrics, SAQ training etc.
Sport officer supportYou have access to our Performance Sport Officer to discuss all issues relating to your sport including; performance profiling, nutrition, fitness testing, time management and personal development. They can also assist you with any academic issues you may have.
Possible financial rewardSome members of the programme will be awarded with a financial award if they can demonstrate the necessary sporting achievements at international/national level.

Please note: we have a limited budget so competition for financial bursaries can be very high and as such you must be able to provide evidence of your sporting achievements.