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Personal Tutors

All students will be allocated a Personal Tutor at the beginning of their programme.

Two women sitting at a desk and having a conversation.

At a minimum, Personal Tutor meetings should take place at least once per semester. Your School will be able to communicate the frequency of meetings and the Personal Tutor system operated in the School.

Your Personal Tutor will be able to provide you with advice, whilst maintaining an overview of your learning and educational experiences.

If you are experiencing difficulties, your Personal Tutor will be there to listen and where possible provide professional guidance or else direct you to the appropriate source of support.

In many Schools, personal tutorials are an opportunity for the discussion of your career goals, employability and professional development.

Welsh-speaking students

You can ask for a Welsh-speaking personal tutor, provided there are Welsh-speaking members of the teaching staff in your subject area. If there are no Welsh-speaking members in the teaching staff, an appropriate member of staff from another School will be asked to tutor you.

In the School of Welsh and the Welsh for Adults Centre, all students have Welsh speaking tutors.