New postgraduate taught programmes

Our extensive and innovative portfolio of postgraduate programmes is constantly updated and extended to reflect the latest research and developments.

Wireless and Microwave Communication Engineering

This degree aims to produce postgraduate specialists with essential expertise in electronic and microwave engineering, and develop an awareness of the rapidly growing application space for these technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (MSc)

The MSc in Artificial Intelligence aims also to develop students’ understanding of ethical and social impacts of Artificial Intelligence technologies, whilst developing your critical judgement, intellectual integrity and practical skills.

Coming soon

The following programmes are currently going through the approval process. Contact us to be the first to find out when these are open for applications:

Global Ecology and Conservation (MSc)

Our MSc in Global Ecology and Conservation aims to train the ecologists and conservationists of the future. Covering the complete span from ecological theory and pioneering research, through to practical site assessments and conservation interventions, we will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to tackle major global challenges and make a ‘real world’ difference.