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Conversion courses

At Cardiff University we offer a number of conversion courses that allow you to study a subject unrelated to your undergraduate degree or career, to support you with a change of career path.

Benefits of a conversion course

There are many benefits to studying a postgraduate conversion course such as:

  • continuing your study at a higher level
  • developing new skills and knowledge in a new subject
  • fast-tracking a career change
  • growing your skillset
  • increasing your confidence of securing employment in a specific field
  • pursuing a vocation that matches your interests and that you find more fulfilling.

The conversion course is amazing because it’s a Master’s degree but also a completely new subject area. Having degrees in two different subjects was really useful in writing CVs and applications for jobs because you automatically have a unique educational background. The people on the course are really mixed in terms of previous professional experience, so it was really interesting to collaborate with a diverse group of students.

Matilda, MSc Computing

Available conversion courses

We offer the following conversion courses where no prior knowledge or degree in the subject is required: