Why postgraduate research?

Conducting research at postgraduate level can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity to explore something in real depth and make new contributions to knowledge.

Video on why you should do a PhD.

You may be considering postgraduate research to:

  • develop more specialised knowledge and expertise
  • make a valuable contribution to new knowledge
  • enhance your career prospects
  • develop new skills and problem-solving abilities.

It may also be a pre-requisite for many career paths. For instance, a Doctorate is usually essential for an academic career or a specialist scientific post within research organisations.

In addition, outside of academia and science, the skills and expertise you’ll gain from postgraduate research may be highly valued by employers and can often lead to management and other senior positions.

Being able to report significant results and extend the theoretical models to include my findings was a massive thrill which made the years of work totally worthwhile! The icing on the cake came less than two years later, when I was successful at my first attempt in getting promotion to Senior Lecturer. In addition, I have had two journal articles accepted which drew directly on my PhD work, press coverage for my work, and the opportunity to attend and contribute to industry seminars. So was the hard work worthwhile? Yes, most definitely!

Fiona Davies, part-time PhD graduate