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Professional Doctorates

A Professional Doctorate programme makes equivalent demands to the PhD, over an equivalent time-scale, and the award signifies an original contribution to knowledge but in a professional context.

It is distinguished from a PhD by a title that refers to a particular profession or a professional area of work.

Professional Doctorate programmes are organised systematically in terms of length and structure of programme, supervision, support and assessment, and they combine directed study with substantial research components.

Key facts

Full-time3-4 yearsup to 80,000 words
Part-time4-7 yearsup to 80,000 words

Full-time professional doctorates

Full-time professional doctorates are typically intended to prepare you for entry into that profession and in some cases provide you with a 'licence to practice'.

We offer the following full-time professional doctorates:

Part-time professional doctorates

Part-time professional doctorates are suitable if you are already a professional practitioner and you wish to combine academic study with reflection on your practice.

We offer the following part-time professional doctorates: