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Types of degree

Chemistry student in a lab.

Research degrees involve an in-depth study of a specified field.

We offer four types of research degree:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a high level globally-recognised qualification that is rooted in original research.

Professional Doctorates

A Professional Doctorate programme makes equivalent demands to the PhD, and the award signifies an original contribution to knowledge but in a professional context.

Doctor of Medicine

The MD is a doctoral research degree undertaken by medical graduates, and is usually laboratory-based though it will focus on a specific clinical research topic.

Research Master's degrees

Learn more about our Research Master’s programmes - the MPhil (Master of Philosophy) and the MRes (Master of Research) - as well as the Master of Science (MSc) in Research Methods, a taught programme that provides a solid foundation for a PhD in a range of social sciences.

Opportunities for supervised research are available in all Academic Schools. Detailed information on each research degree can be found via the course finder.

The type of research you are engaged in will differ depending on whether you are studying within a lab-based science or within the humanities and social sciences.