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Biomedicine is a research area within which you can focus your studies as part of our suite of Biosciences research programmes.

PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time Area

Population Medicine

Division of Population Medicine postgraduate research programmes focus on Prevention and redesigning healthcare services.

PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time Area

Healthcare Sciences

Our research programme is structured to give you the opportunity to undertake original and independent research in the healthcare sciences.

PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time Programme

Cancer and Genetics

The programme will lead to a research degree in cancer and or genetics that could be used in a variety of academic, clinical and industrial settings.

PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time Area

Infection and Immunity

To offer a broad knowledge and expertise in in all aspects of immunological-based disease processes at the molecular and cellular level, with strengths in innate immunity, cancer immunology, T-cell biology and viral and bacterial infection.

PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time Area

Doctor of Health Studies

The professional doctorate is a doctoral qualification that is fully equivalent to the PhD, but substantially different from it in that it is strongly professionally oriented focussing on ‘applied’ rather than ‘pure’ research.

DHS Part-time Programme