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Earth Sciences

Our School of Earth and Ocean Sciences' postgraduate research degrees are based on independent full-time research work, with an academic supervisor to guide you in discovering new and exciting areas.

PhD, MPhil Full-time, Part-time Programme

Organisms and Environment

The Organisms and Environment research division focuses on the biology of whole organisms and their roles and interactions in changing ecosystems, in infection and health and at the genetic level.

PhD, MPhil, MD Full-time, Part-time Area

Geography and Planning

As a top-rated research school with the ambition to play a leading role in academic and policy debates at national and international levels, we aim to recruit committed research students for the pursuit of innovative, cutting-edge research at PhD level.

PhD Full-time, Part-time Programme

Communicating Biosecurity Advice to Farmers: What are the Challenges and What Works?

The aim of this PhD will be to work in collaboration with the TBAS to examine how biosecurity information is communicated to farmers, and develop and test new methods of engagement with farmers.


Well-being and National Planning Policy: Evaluating the implementation of the Well-being of Future Generations Act in Wales

The aim of the PhD is to critically assess and further develop approaches to the translation and integration of well-being principles and planning evidence into national planning policy through a case study of Wales and the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act.


Vegetation Fires and their Management: from Perceptions to Policy

The project aims to understand the character and consequences of UK society’s perceptions of vegetation fires, both as natural hazard (wildfires) and land management tool (managed burning).


The Frontiers of Food Sovereignty and Agrarian Justice in the Amazon: A Community-Based Study of Political Agro-ecology in the State of Pará

This doctoral research will generate theoretically original and empirically grounded understandings of the dynamics of, and interconnections between, different agro-ecology stakeholders, consumers, and policy-makers.


Fractured transitions? Identity, diaspora and disadvantage among young Somali people in Wales

This project critically engages with geographical writing on ‘encounters’.