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Radiation of acoustic-gravity waves by an impacting object

This project will focus on developing the computational mathematical model into a three-dimensional space and compare results with experiments that are currently being prepared by our collaborator at the Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada).

When solid objects, such as an aircraft or meteorite, impact the water surface in the deep ocean, they generate propagating compression-type waves known as acoustic-gravity waves (AGWs).

AGWs have unique and measurable bottom pressure signatures that travel at speeds near the speed of sound in water, which turns them into near-real time signals. Employing these signals we want to identify the location and form of an impacting object, with a case study of the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370.

The study will consider in part the problem of the missing Malaysian Aircraft MH370. You will have the chance to analyze and compare with hydrophone data that was obtained from the Nuclear Ban-Treaty Organization (OCTBTO).

We are interested in pursuing this project and welcome applications if you are self-funded or have funding from other sources, including government sponsorships or your employer.

Please contact the supervisor when you want to pursue this project, citing the project title in your email, or find out more about our PhD programme in Mathematics.


Dr Usama Kadri

Dr Usama Kadri

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

029 208 75863

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