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Mathematical analysis - Dynamical systems and spectral theory

You will develop cutting edge techniques in the interface between pure mathematics and exciting applications, for instance, in the study of plasmas.

The main tools are related to mathematical analysis and spectral theory, and the idea is that physical properties of a system can be studied via a detailed analysis of the spectrum (informally, this means that the set of eigenvalues and eigenvectors can tell us a lot about the physics of the problem at hand).

This topic has already attracted over £1m in research funding, and you will be encouraged to apply for funding, and make academic connections with relevant groups in the UK (Cambridge, Imperial College, Warwick), US (Berkeley, Princeton, Chicago) and elsewhere.

We are interested in pursuing this project and welcome applications if you are self-funded or have funding from other sources, including government sponsorships or your employer.

Please contact the supervisor when you want to pursue this project, citing the project title in your email, or find out more about our PhD programme in Mathematics.


Dr Jonathan Ben-Artzi

Dr Jonathan Ben-Artzi

Senior Lecturer

02920 875624

Programme information

For programme structure, entry requirements and how to apply, visit the Mathematics programme.

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