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Biological chemistry

Each year the School of Chemistry welcomes applicants who have secured funding from external sponsors, or who are self-funded.

Details for each project can be obtained by contacting the member of academic staff directly. Please state which project(s) you would like to be considered for on your application form.

Professor Rudolf Allemann

  • Physical and Chemical Basis of Enzyme Catalysis.
  • Redesign of existing natural biological systems for useful purposes.

General information about Professor Allemann's research can be found via the Allemann research group blog.

Professor Nigel Richards

  • Substrate-based radical formation without organic chemical precedent.
  • Free energy of interaction in enzyme/inhibitor and protein/nucleic acid complexes.
  • The structure and properties of DNA and RNA containing additional nucleobases.

Professor Angela Casini

  • Metal compounds as modulators of proteins/enzyme activities.
  • Selective inhibition of AQPs by gold complexes in targeted cancer therapies.
  • Metallocages, supramolecular chemistry and molecular recognition.

Dr Yuhsuan Tsai

  • Development of novel chemical biology tools to study protein functions in vivo.
  • Applications of genetically incorporated unnatural amino acids in living systems.

Dr Louis Luk

  • Developing enzyme-driven hydrogen-borrowing cascades.

Dr Yi Jin

  • Structural and biochemical studies of protein-protein interactions involved in sepsis and immune defence, leading to the rational design of new drugs.
  • Structural and NMR studies of the catalysis of DNA-repairing enzymes.
  • Developing a new approach to improve the druggability of small G proteins based on the catalytic mechanisms and structural details.

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