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Part-time research

Student testing a catalyst in a lab

Part-time opportunities are available in many of our Academic Schools.

They’re ideal if you need to balance study with work or family commitments - greater flexibility and all the benefits and support enjoyed by full-time students.

Search our research opportunities to find a suitable research area, and then contact the relevant Academic School to discuss how your research degree can be structured around your individual situation.

Course length

Part-time programmes are usually twice as long as their full-time equivalent. Check individual course listings for their respective part-time duration.

Benefits and support

You’ll enjoy the same benefits and support as full-time students. See the Supporting your Research page for full details.

Tuition fees and funding

Fees are spread evenly over the length of your course. Part-time fees are indicated on each course listing. Please be aware that fees quoted are usually for the current or upcoming academic year only, and not necessarily for the entire duration of the programme. For programmes lasting more than one year, tuition fees for subsequent years of study are subject to an increase of no more than 4.5% per year.

"Being able to report significant results and extend the theoretical models to include my findings was a massive thrill which made the years of work totally worthwhile! The icing on the cake came less than 2 years later, when I was successful at my first attempt in getting promotion to Senior Lecturer. In addition, I have had two journal articles accepted which drew directly on my PhD work, press coverage for my work, and the opportunity to attend and contribute to industry seminars. So was the hard work worthwhile? Yes, most definitely!"

Fiona Davies, part-time PhD graduate