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Erasmus+ Master Loan

If you are a resident of the EU or a participating country then you may be eligible to apply for a loan for a Master’s degree at Cardiff University.

Key facts

  • For a one-year Master’s degree, a loan of up to £9,300 is available. If your course is longer than 12 months you may be able to increase that amount, up to £13,900. You don’t have to borrow the full amount.
  • The loan is to help Masters students with living and tuition fee costs when studying in a country different to where they live or where they took their first degree.
  • The loan is for a full Masters programme, if you plan on studying only part of your Masters abroad, you are not eligible for the loan.


  • You must be a resident of one of the Erasmus+ Programme Countries.
  • You must already have a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and have been accepted for a Master's (or equivalent).
  • If you have already received an Erasmus grant during your first degree you can still apply for an Erasmus+ Master Loan.
  • To study at with us you must have completed your first degree outside of the UK.

Find out more

Detailed information and guidance on how to apply for an Erasmus+ Master Loan is available on the Erasmus+ website and future finance.