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Neuroscience Summer School

Two neuroscience summer school students taking part in neuroscience research activities.
Two neuroscience summer school students taking part in neuroscience research activities.

The lectures and workshops in this summer school will introduce you to various topics in neuroscience.

This Summer School is now closed for 2019 applications.

Neuroscience is the study of the nervous systems, their component nerve cells and the functioning of the brain. How the human brain works remains one of the most alluring and baffling of all questions on the frontiers of understanding. At the School of Biosciences, we are finding answers to these questions through both teaching and research.

The Neuroscience Summer School will give you the opportunity to sample the curriculum of our BSc Neuroscience programme with lectures and workshops on neuroanatomy, stem cells in neuroscience research, neuropharmacology, neurological disorders and bioinformatics.

You will also visit the Cardiff University Brain Research and Imaging Centre, currently the second largest brain imaging facility in the world, and the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute. Visiting these facilities will give you the opportunity to learn more about the current neuroscience research activities in Cardiff.

Preliminary schedule

Please note this is subject to change.

Saturday 13 July 2019Arrival in Cardiff (Pick up from Heathrow provided)
Sunday 14 July 2019Social event
Monday 15 July 2019Welcome talk and introduction to the programme

Lecture: Excitable cells

English language/ British culture workshop
Tuesday 16 July 2019Lecture: Vision
Lecture: Neurotrophic factors I and II
Neuroanatomy workshop
Wednesday 17 July 2019Lecture: Pharmacology of neurodegenerative disease

Workshop: Second generation DNA sequencing
Thursday 18 July 2019Tour of Cardiff Brain Imaging Centre
Research experience
Friday 19 July 2019Visit to the National Botanical Garden of Wales
Saturday 20 July 2019Social event
Sunday 21 July 2019Social event
Monday 22 July 2019Bioinformatics workshop
English language/ British culture workshop
Tuesday 23 July 2019Lecture: Fundamentals of neuroscience - neural induction

Lecture: Sensory exotica

Lecture: Neurotransmitters

Laboratory workshop
Wednesday 24 July 2019Lecture: Stem cells in the study of neurodevelopment
Laboratory workshop

Social event
Thursday 25 July 2019Laboratory workshop

Scientific communication workshop
Friday 26 July 2019Research experience

Reflection, course feedback and evaluation

Final Gala Ceremony
Saturday 27 July 2019Departure from Cardiff (Drop off to Heathrow provided)


The fee for the Summer School is £1,920.

This includes tuition fees, accommodation, 10 meals per week (breakfast and lunch, Monday to Friday), airport pick up and drop off from Heathrow Airport on fixed dates (pick up is on 13 July, drop off is on 27 August) and excursions organised by the University.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need more information, please email us:

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