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International Foundation Programme Scholarships

In recognition of the outstanding talent of many international students, we offer highly prestigious scholarships to attract and reward the best students.

2019 International Foundation Programme Scholarship

Our 2019 International Foundation Programme Scholarship offers funding to non-sponsored international students on the International Foundation Programme in 2019/20.

Qualifying recipients will receive an award of £2,000 in the form of a tuition fee discount.

International applicants holding offers for our International Foundation Programme will be automatically considered for the Scholarship. You do not need to submit a separate application for the award.

If you meet, or exceed, the conditions of your offer, or if you are holding an unconditional offer, you will automatically be awarded the offer as a tuition fee discount.

Only self-funded international students are eligible and you must be confirmed as an overseas student for fee-paying purposes. The scholarship is not open to students who are in receipt of funding from external bodies such as local government, charities or private organisations.

  • You must meet or exceed the requirements as stated exactly in your formal offer.
  • You must confirm Cardiff University as your firm choice and meet all offer conditions, including any English Language conditions, by 31 July 2019.
  • Applicants who do not meet the requirements of their formal offer will not be eligible for the Scholarship, even if they are accepted into the University.
  • No separate application for the scholarship is required. If you are holding an offer for an eligible programme and meet or exceed the criteria as set out in these terms and conditions, you will automatically be awarded the Scholarship upon enrolment.
  1. The International Foundation Programme Scholarship is a £2,000 award applied to your International Foundation Programme only. This will be awarded in the form of a tuition fee discount only. No cash alternative is available.
  2. The International Foundation Programme Scholarship is for entry into Cardiff University in the autumn semester of academic year 2019/20 only and cannot be used for 2020/21 entry or any other year of entry.
  3. The International Foundation Programme Scholarship is only available to self-funded students. If you are in receipt of funding (consisting of either tuition fees or tuition fees and living costs) from an external body which will be invoiced by the University for fees (such as government, charity or a private organisation) you are not eligible for the International Foundation Programme Scholarship (this excludes students in receipt of educational loans).
  4. You must be able to satisfy all financial requirements as part of your visa application for study in the UK. You should not be solely relying on receiving the International Foundation Programme Scholarship to meet the UKVI financial requirements. See further information on UKVI financial requirements for visa applications

Sqore Challenge

Applicants to the International Foundation Programme are further invited to apply to the Sqore Challenge.

Open to all self-funded applicants, the Sqore Challenge will teach you more about Cardiff University and the International Foundation Programme. You’ll take part in a quiz to learn more about the University and programme.

Successfully complete the challenge and enrol onto the International Foundation Programme to have the opportunity to win:

  • a gift package including branded memorabilia from Cardiff University  (25 winners)
  • a £1,000 discount off your tuition fee (10 winners) (this can be claimed in addition to the £2,000 IFP fee discount available for eligible applicants).

Visit the Sqore Challenge website to start your application.

Key information for applicants

Application deadline: 31 July 2019
Programme start: 23 September 2019
Duration: one year
Tuition Fee: £15,650 (full fee) payable in three installments.

Contact us

If you are not sure about your eligibility for these scholarships or have any queries, please contact us for advice

International Foundation Office