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Room allocation

Your application is processed in date order according to two dates.

The first is the date the Residences Office receives confirmation from Admissions of your unconditional offer to study; the second is the date of receipt of your application. This process normally starts in late July or early August and continues into September.

We will allocate you a place in residences, taking into account your preferences and will try to offer you one of your higher preferences. However, because the residences vary in the numbers of students they accommodate and some are more popular than others, obtaining your higher preferences cannot be guaranteed. If there is not a vacancy in your first preference of residence, we will consider all your other choices in priority order until a vacancy can be located. If one of your preferred residences is not available we will make you what we consider a suitable alternative offer. It is our policy to house students in mixed flats in terms of gender/nationality wherever possible, including study bedrooms on the ground floor.

In late July/August/September you will receive an email notifying you that your application has been processed and advising you to view and accept your Residences Agreement online. It is important for you to check your email account regularly during this period. Please note some e-mail providers may treat the email as spam, so please check your spam/junk mail folder as well as your inbox.