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You may have seen stories in the press about people crowdfunding to help fund their studies and pay their tuition fees.

Crowdfunding services allow you to fundraise and encourage monetary donations from a large number of people, which are then used towards the cost of your degree.

Sites like Student Funder, Indiegogo and Hubbub are all crowdfunding platforms commonly used by those looking to fund their master’s degree or PhD.

If you are looking to set up a crowdfunding campaign many sites have terms and conditions so it’s important to do your homework and read the small print. To launch a campaign, you will likely need to be in possession of an admissions letter from a UK higher education institution.

Top tips for crowdfunding:

  • Be creative, convincing and persuasive
  • Include a video in your pitch
  • Be sincere and open about what you are raising funds for
  • Be personable and approachable
  • Be realistic about how much you are asking for
  • Leverage your own social and professional networks.