Performance sport and clubs

With a strong tradition of sporting excellence across a wide number of sports, we offer talented student athletes the necessary support to excel in their given sport.

Performance programmes

Student netball player

Our comprehensive support programmes help to ensure our students receive the necessary support to reach their full sporting potential. The programme provides elite sportsmen and women with the resources and support to help optimise their sport performance; from lifestyle management, physical preparation for sport and sport psychology, to the potential for financial award.

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Sport clubs

Hockey pitch
Hockey pitch

Our students can take part in over 60 sports clubs ranging from traditional sports, such as rugby, football, cricket or tennis, to martial arts, motorsport and watersports.

Many clubs travel all over the UK to compete against other universities in the British Universities & Colleges Sports competition.

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Intra-mural games (IMG)

Recreational, fun and competitive sports leagues for students and staff at Cardiff University. Grab some course or flatmates and enter a team into any of the following leagues, or join any of the established teams which are always looking for new players! For details on how to enter a team please click the required league below.

IMG netball

IMG 7-a-side football

IMG 11-a-side football