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Published works

Historical travel writing collection, 1648-2003

The core of the collection includes around 800 volumes from the old Cardiff Public Library topography and travel collections, which date from the 17th century.

Works by women writers include:


Awdry, Frances. An elder sister: a short sketch of Anne Mackenzie, and her brother the missionary bishop, 1878
Jeffreys, Keturah. The widowed missionary's journal: containing some account of Madagascar, and also, a narrative of the missionary career of the Rev. J. Jeffreys, who died on a passage from Madagascar to the Isle of France, July 4, 1825, aged 31 years, 1827. WG5.5.J
Jones, Margaret. Morocco, a'r hyn a welais yno, 1900? WG6.3.J
Sharman, Annie. Ynys y merthyron, neu, Madagascar, 1908. WG5.5.S
Shaw, Flora L. A tropical dependency: an outline of the ancient history of the Western Soudan, 1905. Cardiff Rare Books: Early English Octavo
Singer, Caroline. White Africans and black, 1929
Stock, Sarah Geraldina. Gwroniad Cenhadol Affrica, 1897. WG5.5.S
Yule, Mary. Mackay of Uganda: the missionary engineer, 1923

North America

Butler, Frances Anne. Journal , vol. I. America, 1835
Cran, George Mrs. A woman in Canada, 1910
Delafield, Julia. Biographies of Francis Lewis and Morgan Lewis, 1877. WG4.6.D
Deland, Margaret. Florida days, 1889
Faithfull, Emily, Three visits to America, 1884
Houghton, Eliza P. Donner. The expedition of the Donner party and its tragic fate , 1920
Howard, Winefred. Journal of a tour in the United States, Canada and Mexico, 1897
Hume, Sophia. An exhortation to the inhabitants of the province of South-Carolina, 1751
Hume, Sophia. An exhortation to the inhabitants of the province of South-Carolina to bring their deeds to the light of Christ, in their own consciences, 1754 Cardiff Rare Books: Early English Octavo
Murray, Amelia, M. Letters from the United States, Cuba and Canada [two vols.], 1856
Nute, Grace Lee. The Voyageur, 1931
Savours, Ann. The North West Passage in the nineteenth century, 2003
Saxon, Isabelle. Five years within the Golden Gate, 1868
Whiting, Lilian. Canada the spellbinder, 1917


Beckingsale, Jennie. Cipdrem i China: sefyllfa gwragedd yno, 1906. WG5.5.B
Bigland, Eileen. Into China, 1941
Bird, Isabella, L. Unbeaten tracks in Japan [two vols], 1880
Falkland Viscountess, Chow-Chow; being selections kept from a journal in India, Egypt and Syria vol. I, 1857
Gasgcoine, Gwendolen Trench. Among pagodas and fair ladies: an account of a tour through Burma, 1896
Heber, Amelia S. The life of Reginald Heber, D.D., Lord Bishop of Calcutta: with selections from the correspondence, unpublished poems, and private papers; together with a journal of his tour in Norway, Sweden, Russia, Hungary, and Germany, and a history of the Cossaks, 1830. WG16.95.H
Judson, Ann Hasseltine. Account of the American Baptist mission to the Burman Empire, in a series of letters, addressed to a gentleman in London, 1823. Carmarthen BV3270.J8
Keun, Odette. In the land of the golden fleece through independent menchevist Georgia, 1924
Lloyd, Elizabeth. Hanes Assam, 1916
Murphy, Dervala. Full tilt, Ireland to India with a bicycle, 1965
Narrative of the life of Sarah Shade, born at Stoke Edith, in the county of Hereford: containing many well authenticated and curious facts, more particularly during her voyage to the East Indies, in the New Devonshire Indiaman, in the year 1769, and in traversing that country in company with the army, at the sieges of Pondichery, Velore, Negapatam, &c. &c.: together with some extraordinary accounts of the ferocity of tigers, jackals, piah dogs, vultures, &c., WG37(1801)
Sale, Florentina. A journal of the disasters in Afghanistan 1841-2, 1843
Smith, Mabel Wain. Springtime in Shanghai, 1957


Bird, Isabella, L. Six months among the palm groves, coral reefs, and volcanoes on the Sandwich Islands, 1890
Cambridge, Ada. Thirty years in Australia, 1903
Grimshaw, Beatrice. From Fiji to the cannibal islands, 1907
Meredith, Charles Mrs. Notes and sketches of New South Wales, 1844
Meredith, Charles Mrs. My home in Tasmania, during a residence of ten years [two vols.], 1852
Tribe, Elizabeth. Postmark Australia, the land and its people through English eyes, 1963


Brook, Mrs. A dialogue between a lady and her pupils, describing a journey through England and Wales: with a detail of the arts and manufactures of each city and town, and descriptions of natural history: designed for schools in general, 1812. WG20.B
Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock. An unsentimental journey through Cornwall, 1884. Folio WE4.M
Lofthouse, Jessica. The curious traveller through Lakeland, 1973
Selwyn, Elizabeth. Journal of excursions through the most interesting parts of England, Wales and Scotland, 1824


Aulnoy, Marie Catherine L Mothe, Countess of. Fantasias y realidades del viaje a Madrid de la condesa d'Aulnoy, 1940. Store 5, 41398
Aulnoy, Marie Catherine L Mothe, Countess of. Relation du voyage d'Espagne, 1926
Aulnoy, Marie Catherine L Mothe, Countess of. Travels into Spain; being the ingenious and diverting letters of the lady… Madame d'Aulnoy, 1930. DP34.A8
Barrington, Russell Mrs. Through Greece and Dalmatia, 1912
Bates, Katharine, Lee. Spanish highways and byways, 1900
Brice, Beatrix. Ypres: outpost of the channel ports, 1929
Browne, Edith, A. Greek architecture, 1909
Caddy, Florence. Footsteps of Jeanne D'Arc: a pilgrimage [France], 1886
Caird, Mona. Romantic cities of Provence, 1906
Canziani, Estella. Through the Apennines and the lands of the Abruzzi, 1928
Clark, Moma. Light and shade in France, 1939
Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock. Fair France: impressions of a traveller, 1871. B39105 STRBrickyard
Dearmer, Frances. Highways and byways in Normandy, 1900
Durham, M. Edith. High Albania, 1909
Edwards, Amelia, R. Untrodden peaks and unfrequented valleys: a midsummer ramble in the Dolomites, 1873
Elliot, Frances. Diaries of an idle woman in Spain, 1884
Elsner, Eleanor. Romantic France: the enchanted land of Provence, 1926
Eyrte, Mary. A lady's walks in the south of France in 1863, 1865
Gardiner, Marguerite. The idler in Italy [Countess of Blessington] , 1839
Gretton, Mrs G. The English woman in Italy [two vols.], 1860
Harvey, Mrs. Cositas espaniolas; of everyday life in Spain, 1875
Havergal, Frances Ridley. Swiss letters and Alpine poems, 1881
Henderson, Helen, W. A loiterer in Paris, 1921
Holbach, Maude, M. Dalmatia: the land where east meets west, 1908
Holbach, Maude, M. Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1910
Howard, Clare. English travellers of the renaissance, 1914
Kingsley, Rose, G. In the Rhone country, 1910
La Motte, Marie (Catherine Countess D'Aulnoy)? Ingenious and diverting letters of a lady's travels into Spain; describing the devotions, nunneries, humour, customs, laws, militia, trade, diet and recreations of that people [2 vols.] [10th ed.], 1735. Cardiff Rare Books: Early English Octavo
Laboureur, Jean le. Histoire et relation du voyage de la Royne de Pologne, et du retour de madame la Mareschalle de Guebrian, ambassadrice extraordinaire, & sur-intendante de sa conduitte, 1648
Leck, Jane. Iberian sketches travels in Portugal and the north-west of Spain, 1884. Cardiff Rare Books: Continental
Macquoid, Katharine, S. Through Normandy, 1874
Miller, Lady Anna Riggs. Letters from Italy [3 vols.], 1776. Cardiff Rare Books: Early English Octavo
Montgomery, Viva. Sunny days on the riveria; being a diary of some sketching days at Eze, 1914
Piozzi, Hester L. Observations and reflections made in the course of a journey through France, Italy, and Germany, 1789. WG30(1789)
Starke, Mariana. Travels in Europe between the years 1824 and 1828: adapted to the use of travellers comprising an historical account of Sicily with particular information for strangers in that island, 1828. se D919.S8
Stokes, Margaret. Three months in the forests of France, 1895
Stratilesco, Tereza. From Carpathian to Pindus, 1906
Symonds, Margaret. Days spent on a doge's farm [Padova, Italy], 1908
Waln, Nora. Reaching for the stars [experiences and observations of a Quaker American who lived in Germany in the years 1934-38], 1939.
West, Rebecca. Black lamb and grey falcon: a journey through Yugoslavia, 1993. DR36.W3
Williams, Helen, Maria. A tour in Switzerland, vol. II, 1798
Wollstonecraft, Mary. Letters written during a short residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, 1796. Cardiff Rare Books: Early English Octavo
Wortley, Emmeline, Stuart. A visit to Portugal and Madeira, 1854

Middle East

Bell, Gertrude. The Arab War, 1940. Cardiff Rare Books: Early English Octavo
Blunt, Anne. Seven golden odes… Arabia, 1907. Cardiff Rare Books: Early English Quarto
Bremer, Fredrika. Travels in the Holy Land vol. I, 1862
Crawford, F. Marion. Constantinople, 1896
Edwards, Matilda, Betham. A winter with the swallows [Algeria], 1867
Jones, Margaret. Llythyrau Cymraes o Wlad Canaan, 1869. WG6.3.J
Jones, Margaret. Morocco, a'r hyn a welais yno, 1883. WG6.3.J
Mann, Sylvia. Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. 1973
Max Muller, Georgina. Letters from Constantinople, 1897
Merrill, Selah. East of the Jordan: a record of travel and observation in the countries of Moab, Gilead and Bashan, 1881. DS104.3.M3 STRBrickyard
Middleton, Dorothy. Baker on the Nile, 1949
Montagu, Lady. Turkish embassy letters, 1993. PR3604.T8
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley. Letters and works, 1830. PR3604 Reece
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley (ed. Lord Wharncliffe). The letters and works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, 1802. PR3604 Reece
Murray, Elizabeth. Sixteen years of an artist’s life in Morocco, Spain and Canary Islands vol. I, 1859


Adams, Wh. Davenport. Celebrated women travellers of the nineteenth century, 1896
Francis, Clare. The wind or weather, 1978
Martineau, Harriet. Retrospect of western travel, 1838. E165.M2
Roberts, Mary. Wild animals: their nature and habitats, 1854


Annie Grace Henderson, 1888-1974

Notebooks, letters, scrapbooks, photographs, all relating to the life and work of Annie Henderson, 1888-1974; there is also a number of published books that were in her book collection. The papers relate to her early family life, her Durham college years, and her time as a school teacher in London, as well as her retirement. They cover her interests in Spiritualism and the Occult, her work as a voluntary secretary in the Ethical Union in London, plus numerous photographs, postcards and pictures from her travels in Britain and the USSR. Her interests also included music, art, and drama. Her activities in the Fabian Society are also covered. Of particular interest are photographs taken during travels in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, while under communist rule, which was at that time implementing collectivisation, industrialisation, and the First Five Year Plan. Tourism was rare and highly controlled, so photographs have a particular scarcity value.

For the early 20th century, Annie Henderson was notable as a single, professional woman who travelled widely and independently, and as such the collection will also be of interest to researchers of women’s history. Archives 425

Priscilla Scott-Ellis, 1937-1941

Diaries of the Hon. Priscilla Scott-Ellis (b.1916), daughter of Thomas, 8th Lord Howard de Walden, 1937-1941. 9 vols.  In 1937, Priscilla Scott-Ellis travelled to Spain to support the Nationalist Army fighting the Popular Front government. She trained in first aid and carried out nursing duties at the front-line. For women’s history researchers, the diaries provide a rare insight into the daily life of a nurse in the Spanish Civil War. Archives 415