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Map of votes cast in the 2011 Welsh devolution referendum
Map of votes cast in the 2011 Welsh devolution referendum.

Media coverage of the first National Assembly election (832)

The collection of media coverage includes factsheets on Devolution and the Assembly, issued by the Welsh Office Devolution Unit, 1998.  BBC News online network news sheets.  A copy of the Western Mail (27 May 1999) covering the opening of the Assembly.  Newspaper coverage of the first National Assembly Election results by The Observer, The Times, The Sunday Times, Guardian, Western Mail, South Wales Echo and Wales on Sunday. (Plus party political  leaflets and ephemera for 2003, 2007,  and 2011 elections).

National Assembly 1999: Election leaflets (833)

1999: 200 Leaflets from nine different political parties from constituencies throughout south Wales.

Wales 1979 devolution campaign (834)

The collection contains special Devolution supplements published by the Western Mail, 12 February 1979-3 March 1979, covering the Devolution proposals and referendum dated 1st March 1979.  Plus, the February and March editions of Welsh Nation, and a collection of Devolution ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaign leaflets and posters.

1997 Welsh devolution vote results (835)

Press coverage of the result of the Devolution vote in Wales 1997

Welsh press cutting collection (320)

The newspaper cuttings (mainly from the Western Mail and Y Cymro) have been filed under the following main subject headings:
Arts and Culture; Barrages and Marinas, Devolution; Economy; Education; Energy & Water Supplies; Environment & Agriculture; Health/Housing/Social Services; Legal & Social Issues; Local/Central/EC Government; Opinion Polls; Media; People & Organizations; Political Parties; Tourism; Transport & Communications; Welsh Language; Women’s Issues. 3 boxes.

Ceinwen H. Thomas (323)

Uncatalogued. Folders of notes, 42 books on Irish language and culture, 134 pamphlets on Welsh language, Plaid Cymru, Welsh devolution, castles and churches, 98 books and pamphlets on language revival and minority languages (Cornish, Breton etc.), 46 magnetic tape reels (Welsh Language Research Unit).  The loose cuttings relate to the language and political issues in Wales from 1966 to 1970, including the election of Gwynfor Evans in 1966, the trial of John Jenkins (1970), the Welsh Language Society, the Investiture (1969). 6 envelopes.

J. A. Reynolds (830)

Correspondence and various typescript newsletters and papers from a Cardiff Labour councillor, the following organisations:
Cardiff Young Fabians’ Journal, Cardiff Star, Wales Radical, CND Cardiff branch, Cardiff Consumer, May Day Manifesto, National Convention of the Left, Conservative Congress.  File of papers on Welsh Devolution.

Dr Winifred Ewing (826)

1980s-90s: A collection of European party political reports by Dr. Winifred M. Ewing, MEP (Scottish National Party). 0.5 metre.

Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru (UCAC) (340)

1940s-90s: Correspondence, minutes, publications, research, press statements relating to all aspects of trade unions and education in Wales. 40 metres.

Professor John Loughlin (School of European Studies) (448)

Uncatalogued. Donation of books, theses and personal research papers on the topics of comparative politics; European Union policy and politics; territorial governance in Europe; regionalism and federalism; local government; local finances; UK devolution; French, UK, Irish, Swedish, Dutch and Spanish politics; religion and politics; political philosophy. 1990-2010;  UNCATALOGUED.

Northern Ireland ephemera

Uncatalogued. A collection of around 100 published pamphlets, ephemera etc, from different sectarian groups in Northern Ireland in the 1970s-1980s.