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Salisbury archive

Portrait of Enoch Salisbury (1819-90).

A rich personal archive, which gives insight into the life of a 19th century Welsh businessman and politician.

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As a consequence of Salisbury’s personal interest in Welsh and Border history, it is also a wealthy source of information on this subject. His print collection is a particularly unique resource. It includes 17 atlas folio volumes of prints, each dedicated to a different Welsh county or Border area. Each volume is filled with prints, pen and ink sketches and watercolours showing various landscapes, churches, cathedrals, abbeys, castles, industrial scenes and people, gathered from a multitude of sources. 

The archive contains:

  • diaries, 1851-65, mainly relating to business interests;
  • business and legal documents, including prospectuses, reports, papers and accounts of several companies covering the period 1841-73;
  • election addresses, letters, posters, notices for the Chester elections 1857, 1859, 1865, 1868 and 1874 (E. R. G. Salisbury was a successful candidate in 1857, defeated in 1859);
  • a collection of scrapbooks, mounted press cuttings, leaflets, cartoons, pamphlets, 1815-1885;
  • cuttings of historical and biographical interest relating to the Border counties; bookseller and library catalogues;
  • individual issues of newspapers, 1732-1884;
  • a collection of 18th-19th century manuscripts, including poetry, sermons and historical/biographical notes;
  • over 10,000 prints from the 18th-19th centuries: mainly portraits, Welsh maps, views, topography, and monuments.

Salisbury’s personal library is also held.

About this collection

Collection type: Archive

Dates: 18 century, 19 century

Size: 43 boxes; 24.5 metres

Notes: The personal papers and library of E.R.G. Salisbury were purchased by the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire in 1886.

Formats: Newspapers and periodicals, Archives

Subjects: Religion, Politics, Economics and business, Art and music, History, Society and law

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