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Illustration archive

Over a million out of copyright illustrations from 68,000 digitised volumes.

The Illustration Archive website.

The Illustration Archive contains over a million illustrations from 68,000 digitised volumes covering ‘Literature’, ‘Philosophy’, ‘History’ and ‘Geography’, published primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries. It makes freely available and fully searchable over a million illustrations from works of literature, philosophy, history and geography that have been released into the public domain by the British Library.

The archive is a fully searchable web-based interface that provides access to these illustrations with accompanying bibliographic metadata and the option of viewing the text in which the illustration appears. The searchability of the illustrations is made possible through a combination of machine learning and crowdsourced image tagging. To date, this is the largest searchable online resource dedicated to illustrations.

The ‘Lost Visions’ project was funded by the AHRC and involved collaboration with the British Library, Advanced Research Computing@Cardiff (ARCCA) and the partnership of leading humanities scholars and computer scientists.

About this collection

Collection type: Digital

Dates: 18 century, 19 century

Formats: Digital

Subjects: Religion, Politics, Economics and business, Literature and journalism, Art and music, Medicine and science, Travel, History, Society and law

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