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Devolution resource guide

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A guide to sources on devolution pre- and post-1970, in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, and the EU.

  • Historical background (pre-1970): for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.
  • Debating devolution in Wales (1970-99): including broadcasting, the Welsh Development Agency, and legislation.
  • Debating devolution in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England (1970-99)
  • The impact of devolution from 2000 onwards.
  • Devolution in Wales (2000 onwards): health, education, housing, agriculture, economy.
  • Devolution in Scotland (2000 onwards): economy, transport, local government and housing.
  • Devolution in Northern Ireland (2000 onwards): covers local government and housing, economy and transport.
  • Devolution in England (2000-2015): regions of England, local government, resources from the Institute for Public Policy Research.
  • Devolution in the EU and European Sources Online.
  • Online sources: legislation databases, House of Commons papers and website resources.
  • Archives: resources include election leaflets, pamphlets and media coverage.

About this collection

Collection type: Print

Dates: Early 20 century, Late 20 century

Formats: Books, Newspapers and periodicals, Archives

Subjects: Politics, Economics and business, History, Society and law

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