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Alison's story

Watch Alison's video.

Alison’s final year project, the Ambulatory Care for Cancer Patients app, aims to help cancer patients maintain their health after they have received chemotherapy.

Alison said, “I would definitely recommend the NSA. It [BSc in Applied Software Engineering] is such a great course, and it’s really unique. You get to learn how to programme and work with industry. Plus, it prepares you for the real world, and I think this is something that not many other courses are good at."

She added, "I most enjoyed working with different people. You definitely learn how to collaborate and handle different situations.”

The NSA's unique project-based learning style has helped to boost Alison's confidence in her practical abilities. She explained, "now I feel more confident when approaching clients and have the confidence that I can produce something that the client wants."

Completing projects and placements with local businesses during the course has also allowed Alison to build her professional network. Alison is positive about her future employment opportunities, adding "we [the current students] have a good chance of being employed after the course. The job security is good."

Working with the NSA and Cardiff University has been extremely good for our graduate programme. We currently have around 40% of all our UK graduates coming from the Academy and the University.

Gareth James, Service Manager, Red Hat