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Units of Assessment

UoA 1 Clinical Medicine

Research spans the translational spectrum from molecular and cellular biology to clinical trials and the evaluation of innovations in practice.

UoA 2 Public Health, Health Services and Primary Care

Our research improves quality of clinical care, informs Wales and UK Government healthcare policy, and is applicable internationally.

UoA 3 Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy

The distinct groups within the unit have a common focus towards benefiting human health and welfare.

UoA 4 Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience

Researchers in UoA4 conduct work in order to understand behaviour and the causes of psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders.

UoA 5 Biological Sciences

Biosciences at Cardiff encourages high-level interdisciplinary collaborations, nationally and internationally.

UoA 7 Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

Our research in earth systems and environmental sciences is addressing some of the most significant challenges in world science.

UoA 8 Chemistry

Our international research expertise, state of the art facilities and strategic partnerships enable us to be at the forefront of scientific discovery.

UoA 9 Physics

Research staff are actively involved in major international collaborations including the SPIRE instrument consortium for the Herschel satellite.

UoA 10 Mathematical Sciences

We are using mathematical reasoning to provide solutions to real-world problems.

UoA 11 Computer Science and Informatics

We seek to solve challenging computational problems in the areas of distributed and scientific computing, informatics, and visual computing.

UoA 14 Civil and Construction Engineering

Working with industrial partners and other organisations, researchers at Cardiff are leading cutting-edge projects that have numerous practical applications.

UoA 15 General Engineering

We aim to be renowned for our innovation and deep-rooted international links with industry, built on fundamental and applied research of the highest quality.

UoA 16A Architecture, Built Environment and Planning - Geography and Planning

Research focuses on the planning, governance and sustainability of cities, regions and rural spaces.

UoA 16B Architecture, Built Environment and Planning - Architecture

The School's research strategy is to foster excellence in key areas of the architectural and built environment research agenda.

UoA 17 Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology

Our staff are empowered to be innovative and encouraged to solve archaeological problems in a creative way that embraces the wider public.

UoA 19 Business and Management Studies

Cardiff Business School builds on its strong position as one of the UK’s major social science centres for business and management research.

UoA 20 Law

Our interdisciplinary and collaborative work has fostered international links and provided a rich source of research income.

UoA 21 Politics and International Studies

Our core strengths encompass European politics, comparative devolution, history of political thought and international relations.

UoA 23 Sociology

Sociology at Cardiff is committed to the promotion of public and policy sociology, informed by extensive external collaboration and engagement.

UoA 25 Education

Generating innovative synergies between the disciplines of education, sociology, geography, criminology, social work and social policy.

UoA 28 Modern Languages and Linguistics

Combining core intellectual humanities scholarship with social science research and policy-oriented work.

UoA 29 English Language & Literature

Making contributions at the cutting edge of international research.

UoA 30 History

Providing a multi-disciplinary environment for research into social and cultural approaches, transnationalism, gender, and historical theory.

UoA 32 Philosophy

A balanced and high quality research unit with considerable vibrancy and energy.

UoA 33 Theology and Religious Studies

Combining historical and textual-linguistic study of religious traditions and theologies with social-scientific approaches to religion in contemporary societies.

UoA 35 Music, Drama, Dance and Performing Arts

We have an international reputation across our three sub-disciplines of composition, performance, and musicology.

UoA 36 Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management

Our research groups intervene across a range of key contemporary issues and have strong links with practitioners and policy makers.