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The Centre for Political and Legal Analytics

The Centre for Political and Legal Analytics (CPLA) serves as the School of Law and Politics's hub for disseminating knowledge about quantitative data analytics to faculty members as well as postgraduate research students.

The Centre for Political and Legal Analytics (CPLA) serves as the School of Law and Politics's hub for sharing knowledge about quantitative data analytics.

We undertake research on political and legal questions using quantitative data, including big data sources. This research builds on existing strengths in the School of Law and Politics, which include the study of:

  • law and society
  • global justice
  • human rights
  • electoral politics
  • cybersecurity
  • global politics
  • legislative politics and institutions.


Our research agenda focuses on leveraging the use of novel or previously untapped date sources with cutting-edge quantitative and mixed methods. Our goal is to work with researchers to develop these date sources using quantitative analytical approaches.

We aim to make contributions to the study of Politics/Political Science, International Relations, and Law. Our emphasis is to generate generalizable findings that advance research in the respective fields and help further the use of quantitative data and methods in the study of law and politics.

We seek to develop connections and collaborations with Centres across School, University, and the wider academic community.


Academic staff

Dr Zach Warner

Dr Zach Warner

Research Fellow

(0)29 2087 0055

Associated staff

Dr Christian Arnold

Dr Christian Arnold

Senior Lecturer in Politics

+44 (0)29 2068 8824

The CPLA launched on 24 July 2018. We will be updating this space with details of future events.

External Workshops

We aim to provide faculty and students with a workshop series that highlights the research of candidates from other universities and research institutes in the UK and the global academic community. These workshops will present new epistemological approaches, or discuss and debate emerging literatures.

This will be a regular speaker and workshop series hosting speakers from other universities. Speakers would engage with audience on both substantive and methodological topics. The format would be up to the individual speaker and topic – some events could be multi-day. These would be open to everyone in the School.

Our first external workshops will be announced at the start of term.

Internal Sandlot Series

We aim to provide faculty and research students with a venue to share their research and solicit feedback from their colleagues. The sandlot series will be open to all members of the School. We plan to make this format less formal than a conference panel; the presenter would be able to define what objectives they seek from the individual sandlot.

Faculty would present their research to colleagues in an open discussion format, with three aims. First, the presenter could be able to share best practices and disseminate their data. Second, the presenter could solicit feedback on next steps for their projects or invite collaboration. Third, it would promote dialogue between departments within the School and foster collaboration on related projects. The sandlot series is envisioned as a lunch-hour event every fortnight.

Our first internal sandlot presenters will be announced at the start of term.

This page hosts databases from Centres and individuals associated with the Centre for Political and Legal Analytics.

This repository honours the spirit of transparency by making all data, codebooks, and primary-source documentation publicly available. Projects are defined below with a brief summary and a link to the project page.

The links in the table below will take you to external sites where you may interact directly with the projects.

Name of project and linkDescription

International Parliamentary Assemblies

Survey experiments among elites to understand the legitimacy and motivation in international parliamentary assemblies
Welsh Election Study The Welsh Assembly and Referenda Election Studies are a series of surveys that track attitudes and preferences of voters across three decades of elections