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Design, Practice, Materials and Making

Research related to design, practice, materials and making

Members of the Design, Practice, Materials and Making (DPMM) research group engage in traditional, practice-based and practice-led research, with a collective focus on design, practice, materials and making.


Group members seek to understand material and making cultures, affect processes and products in industry and practice, and explore the intersection of academic and professional domains.

The group supports original, rigorous research through collaboration and knowledge sharing, and connects research within the school to relevant activities outside.

Group leads

Dr Ed Green, Dr Steve Coombs.


  • Conducting design-based research projects
  • Reflection on (and evaluation of) built projects
  • Research with a focus on material performance and properties
  • Development and evaluation of construction techniques
  • Research with a focus on making or prototyping
  • Practice-based research


This year's projects

Last year's projects

  • Peter Salter’s Walmer Yard
  • Actions to Decarbonise Existing Homes in Wales

Meet the team

Academic staff

Postgraduate students


Ad-hoc research group meetings (approximately quarterly, but recently on hold due to COVID-19).

Key words:

Design participation practice process profession prototyping materials making manufacture methods

Next steps