Central Biotechnology Services (CBS)

We can enable you to conduct your life sciences and biotechnology research in the laboratories of our technology facility.

BD FACSAria III cell sorter
A CBS Technologist using our BD FACSAria III cell sorter.

The facilities available at Central Biotechnology Services (CBS) are wide-ranging and include genomics, protein analysis and cell analysis/imaging platforms.

CBS has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification by BSI. This is an internationally recognised benchmark for quality held by only 8% of UK businesses.

We offer contract research options and managed services from our team of technologists with additional key inputs from internationally recognised researchers. We often host companies and provide laboratory facilities and can facilitate access to other University resources.

Technical facilities

Genomics and bioinformatics

  • microarray analysis (Affymetrix)
  • real-time qPCR platforms (ABI QuantStudio 12k and ViiA7)
  • bioinformatics analysis

Protein analysis

  • Biacore SPR
  • Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) system

Cell analysis and imaging

  • multiple flow cytometry instruments (8, 9 and 16 colours using 2 x BD Cantos, Beckman CyAn and a BD LSRFortessa (4 laser) cell analyser
  • BD FACSAria III cell sorter (11 colour and 3 laser instrument)
  • confocal microscopy two Leica SP5 instruments) and light microscopy solutions
  • electron microscopy (JOEL 840A SEM and FE1 CM12 TEM)
  • x-ray imaging, bone density calculations, fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging

How they help

CBS has a proven track record of working with both SMEs and large multinational companies.

Minton, Treharne & Davies provide scientific consultancy, surveying and testing services and used the CBS DNA Sequencing service for over two years. Dr Paul Rice who leads on Medical Diagnostics at the company said: "CBS provided a quick, efficient and friendly sequencing service that consistently and reliably turned around hundreds of sequences in a short time for the two year duration of my project. The sequencing service was also able to provide expert advice when problems arose with sequencing. Overall, an efficient and friendly service."

I have used CBS on a number of occasions and they provide just what I need – an efficient and professional service which has helped me to validate my procedures.

Dr Johnny Ryves, Cupid Peptides

The service and expertise provided has always been first class and has to date culminated in three publications as well as many poster presentations.

Mr S Bishop, Vice President of R&D ConvaTec Ltd

The CBS-Toray alliance provided an opportunity to expand 3D-Gene technology to the European research community. CBS hosted us for two years and provided high quality support.

Dr Hideo Akiyama, Deputy General Manager, New Projects Development Division, Toray Industries, Inc.