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The Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI)

The Institute was set up in 2008 with a £5.1 million grant from the Higher Education Funding Council For Wales (HEFCW), to unite and promote energy research in Wales, UK to help deliver a low carbon future.

The multidisciplinary LCRI aims to support the energy sector, UK and globally, to develop low carbon generation, storage, distribution and end use technologies and practices, and to provide policy analysis and advice. LCRI’s research is supported by a wide range of competitive contracts from the Research Councils, Industry and Government.

LCRI has built substantial research capacity in Wales, with a research staff of around 130 people, supports postgraduate training at MSc and PhD levels, and is enhancing its Graduate School via the £2 million Welsh Energy Sector Training Project (WEST) and other projects.

LCRI’s research fund portfolio now exceeds over £80 million. The funds are divided between three sources; the UK Research Councils; the Convergence Energy Programme (ERDF/ESF); and industrial , government and EU competitive research funds.

The LCRI Convergence Energy Programme: in 2010 LCRI secured £18.7 million from WEFO, to enable Wales and its industry partners to lead the way in research to cut carbon emissions, enhance employment and training, as part of the European Research Development Fund’s Convergence, Regional Competitiveness, Employment programmes and the ESF programme.

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