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Motion Analysis Laboratory

Three-dimensional biomechanics analysis of human and animal movement including dynamics and movement and ground reaction forces.

Further applications in structural analysis, eg deformation of car chassis, aircraft components and material deformation measurements.


Name Make/Model Details
4 force plates + 4 FP amplifiers BERTEC
EMG System Delsys
Motion Capture System: 18 Pro-Reflex Motion Capture IR Cameras Qualisys MCU1000 18 motion capture units that are generally used in groups of 8. There is a permanent set of 8 in the motion analysis laboratory and another set that is portable for use offsite in Hospital, other Schools or locations. The associated cables and tripods must travel with the protable system and a dedicated desktop computer and interface unit is also required.
Motion Capture System: 9 Oqus Motion Capture IR Cameras Qualisys

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