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Fee plan report

In the past few years, funding for Higher Education in Wales has changed.

While universities previously received substantial support from government funding, cuts to public funding mean support now depends on increased student fee income. To be able to charge higher fees the University is required to provide a Fee Plan to the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales. The Fee Plan details investments and enhancements that support equality of opportunity and the promotion of higher education.

The Annual Fee Plan Report to Students aims to highlight how the University invests this income to continually enhance the student experience during your studies, from widening access to higher education to developing your employability skills for the future. The report provides just a small sample of examples of how your fees are used.

The report is for the 2013/14 Fee Plan, as it takes time to process and confirm the accounts and data for an academic year. In spring 2016 we will report on the 2014/15 Fee Plan.

Fee Plan Report to Students 2013/14

Fee Plan Report to Students 2013/14

5 June 2015

Find out how tuition fees were spent in 2013/2014.