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Study abroad policy

The study abroad policy provides guidance on the management, maintenance and evaluation of credit bearing study abroad activity.

We have an ambitious strategy to ensure that all students are provided with opportunities to build global connections through international exchanges and collaborations. It will help create opportunities for all students to participate in impactful international experiences as an integral part of their study. Supporting students to access high quality study abroad opportunities during the course of their time at the University is central to ensuring this commitment is met.

The study abroad policy builds on the processes and procedures outlined in the Collaborative Provision Policy and Programme Development Policy taking a risk-based approach to developing and managing all study abroad activity identifying any specific additional requirements.

Study Abroad Policy

Find out how to set up, manage and evaluate credit bearing study abroad programmes.

The key principles

The key principles of the policy are designed to uphold the highest academic standards and provide safe study abroad provision that supports an excellent student experience, whilst ensuring that processes are not overly bureaucratic, unwieldy to operate or a barrier to our strategic ambition.

The policy outlines guiding principles for staff relating to the key aspects of approving, managing and monitoring credit bearing study abroad activity, namely:

  • developing programmes that include an additional 120 credits of study abroad activity
  • ensuring study abroad opportunities are inclusive and supported
  • reviewing and approving study abroad partners including risk assessments and student declarations
  • monitoring, evaluating and reviewing study abroad partnerships and programmes every 5 years
  • supporting and enhancing the student experience for incoming international exchange and study abroad students.

Where non-credit bearing study abroad activity is being arranged and/or supported by schools or professional service departments, there is an expectation that provision is reviewed to ensure that it complies with the key principles identified in the policy.

Quality and Standards Team