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Cognitive science

Woman attaching an EEG cap and electrodes to a male study participant's head
An EEG cap and electrodes are attached to a participant's scalp before testing.

Cognitive Science research is pursued within two collaborative groups: Cognitive Psychology, and Perception and Action.

Both groups address fundamental questions about psychological processes including, how sensory information is understood, how decisions are made, and how memory arises.

These groups collaborate broadly across the School and their research interfaces with several research centres including Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre and Cardiff University Centre for Human Development Science.

Perception and action

We study vision, hearing, touch, balance and motor control and decisions. Our aim is to understand how perceptual information is processed, how it influences actions, how voluntary and automatic actions are generated, and how actions influence perception in return. We use methodologies including psychophysics, eye movement recording, computational modelling, fMRI and MEG.

Cognitive psychology

We study learning, remembering, language, reasoning, decision making and the perception of causality. As well as focusing on basic theoretical questions, the group has input into applied aspects of human performance such as the impact of brain damage on face recognition.