Short courses

We offer a range of scheduled short courses, enabling participants to develop their skills and knowledge in a stimulating and dynamic environment whilst sharing experience and ideas with others working in the field.

These are mostly shorter, intensive, non-credit bearing courses. While some are designed for those in particular professional fields, others cover more general skills that will be of value to a wide range of people.

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Man shouting at a crowd through a loudspeaker

Communication skills

Learn to convey messages clearly, efficiently and professionally, whether verbally or in writing.

Man reading a textbook at a table.

Management and performance development

Ensure you can carry out the variety of tasks required within a management role effectively.

People working in a computer lab

Marketing and online communications

Maximise your organisations exposure through established marketing tools and new technologies.

Students in the clinical skills centre

Medical and Healthcare

Our range of short courses will further develop your knowledge, deepen your understanding and enhance your skills.

People sat around a table working on a project together

Project management

We offer a range of courses that will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to rise to the challenge of project work.

Other options

If you can't find the course through our search, our Academic Schools and research groups also offer short courses: