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Introduction to Compound Semiconductor Electronics: Part 2 (15 May 2024)

This live session is supplementary to Introduction to Compound Semiconductor Electronics – Part 1: (online). It builds on the e-learning materials, so participants who wish to book should first complete the online content.

Your trainer will be Dr John Hadden, Lecturer in Quantum Technologies.

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Who it’s for

Any of the following:

  • those working in the semiconductor sector who wish to up-skill their knowledge of compound semiconductor electronics
  • employees of the CSconnected cluster and their supply chain partners
  • those looking to re-train into the semiconductor/ compound semiconductor sector
  • those supporting the sector – such as public sector employees, secondary school/ FE College teachers/ careers advisors/ youth influencers
  • A-level and undergraduate level students studying electronics or science subjects who are potentially interested in a career in the semiconductor/ compound semiconductor sector

What you’ll learn

  • activity on diodes - you’ll make a rectifier and investigate the DC-IV characteristics of diodes to:understand the basic operation of diodes
    • learn the form of the DC-IV characteristics of diodes
    • learn how conversion from AC to DC works (in its simplest version)
  • activity on micro fabrication – focused on the concept of scaling, you will use items such as a microscope, a 10p coin, and a silicon wafer to:
    • understand the mind-boggling scale of modern transistors
    • understand how pixels on phones generate colour through micropixels
    • There is also a second part to this activity which looks at microfabrication of multi-layered devices through the use of transparencies.
  • activity on transistors – you will investigate the DC-IV characteristics of a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) and a Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET) and determine the maximum current of the BJT and the JFET at a given bias, to:
    • understand the basic operation of both transistors
    • learn the form of the DC-IV characteristics of both transistors
    • consider the applications of transistors
  • activity on light detection and solar cells – you will use LEDs, photodiodes, and solar cells to:
    • understand the basic operation of LED, photodiodes, and solar cells
    • understand how different devices/materials are able to produce/detect different wavelengths of light
    • understand the effect of solar spectrum on the operation of a solar cell

Course lead

John (JP) Hadden is a Lecturer in Quantum Technologies at Cardiff School of Engineering.

JP’s research focusses on nano-photonics, quantum optics, and quantum sensing technologies based on single photon emitting colour centres in wide bandgap semiconductor materials such as gallium nitride, diamond and 2D materials.

JP is an academic at Cardiff University’s Institute for Compound Semiconductors (ICS), which is part of the CSconnected cluster. The ICS is a leader in compound semiconductor research and provides a platform where researchers and industry can work together.


This live session will appeal most to those who learn best by doing. It will provide a valuable opportunity for:

  • a hands-on learning experience where participants will be able to see semiconductor technology in action
  • asking questions of a specialist, and to meet other professionals working in the sector
  • time to relate content from the online materials to practical, real-life applications
  • gaining knowledge that participants can take straight into their work
  • a supportive environment where participants will work in small groups on a carousel of activities, with facilitation from the session leader (as required)

This course has been developed by the University in collaboration with industry partners from the CSconnected cluster, the world’s first compound semiconductor cluster based in and around South Wales in the United Kingdom, using funding provided by UKRI’s Strength in Places Fund.

Courses are designed to:

  • upskill workers in the industry who wish to enhance their knowledge of compound semiconductor electronics
  • help reskill those who wish to retrain to enter the industry, or provide knowledge and context for those supporting the sector

Funding available

For individuals

  • ReAct+ - up to £1,500 for relevant skills training for those 18+ who are resident in Wales and unemployed or under formal notice of redundancy. For more details, click here

For organisations

  • Flexible Skills Programme funding – up to 50% funding support to Wales-based businesses. For details, click here
  • ReAct+ - up to £1,000 for job-related skills training when recruiting someone 18+ who is resident in Wales and unemployed or under formal notice of redundancy. For more details, click here


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