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Fundamentals of Diagnostic Imaging Investigations for Non-Medical Referrers

This online course is delivered by the Diagnostic Radiography & Imaging (DRI) team at the School of Healthcare Sciences. The aim of the course is to provide healthcare professionals with the specialised knowledge necessary to make referrals for diagnostic imaging investigations.

This course is adapted from our popular face-to-face course, and has been converted to online during Covid-19.

This is a self-directed learning course, which comprises approximately 7-10 study hours using online content. Content will be available all week for you to work through at your own pace. Monday will include a live element by the DRI team. It is envisaged that you should incorporate around 5-10 self-directed study hours also.

This course aims to provide non-medical referrers with the knowledge required to be able to request diagnostic imaging in compliance with Welsh Government and local health board requirements.

Enrol on this course

Start date Days and times
6 September 2021 6-10 September 2021. Live session on morning of 6 September.

Who it’s for

Any registered Healthcare professionals who need to request imaging as part of their role.

This course will provide healthcare professionals with the specialist knowledge necessary to make referrals for diagnostic imaging investigations relevant to their scope of practice.

What you’ll learn

    By attending the course, participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

    • Image formation
    • Image quality
    • Imaging modalities
    • Ethical and legal considerations
    • Audit and clinical governance
    • National & local imaging guidelines.

Topics covered

This week-long online programme of learning relates to methods of imaging, benefits of different modalities, risks associated with imaging, using Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and relevant legislation, particularly the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposures) Regulations 2017. At the end of the week there is a multiple-choice examination to prove competence.

Teaching and useful information

This is a virtual course, comprising a series of recorded lectures. On the first day a live introduction to the programme will be given. We will present details on expectations and the format of the course, and there will be the opportunity to ask questions.

You will be able to work through the learning material at your own pace and convenience. A discussion board will be available for questions relating to content, which will be answered daily by the team. This is also an opportunity for peer discussion.

Sample multiple choice questions will be provided along with answers and explanations of why particular answers are correct and why the other answers are not. There will also be the opportunity to ask the team for further guidance.

We will confirm timings, provide learning materials, and other information (such as login details) in the two weeks leading up to your course. You will not need any equipment except for a computer with good internet connection and a camera function, and the ability to sign into Zoom.

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