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Feasibility Studies For Complex Public Health Interventions

The aim of this one-day course is to provide participants with an introduction to exploratory studies of complex public health interventions, also described as ‘pilot’ and ‘feasibility’ studies. Such studies generate the evidence needed to decide whether and how to proceed with a full scale effectiveness study.

Participants will learn about the different aims of exploratory studies and their associated methods as well as how to use exploratory study findings to inform decision making to a full evaluation and how to report findings from exploratory studies. Teaching will be delivered by experts in public health evaluation, including authors of the new MRC/NIHR guidance on exploratory studies, of which the course will draw on.

Your trainer will be Dr Britt Hallingberg and Dr Anne Martin.

Register your interest

There are currently no upcoming dates available for this course, but you can register your interest by getting in touch.

What you’ll learn

  • Pre-requisites for conducting an exploratory study
  • Why exploratory studies are conducted
  • How they can be used address uncertainties related to the intervention and future evaluation design
  • How exploratory study findings can be used to inform decision making for progression to a future evaluation study
  • How to report exploratory studies
  • Typologies and examples of exploratory studies of complex public health interventions
  • A working knowledge of the new MRC/NIHR guidance on exploratory studies for complex public health interventions
  • Introduction to novel study designs for exploratory studies


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