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Introduction to organ donation

This online course is one of a series of four from the Critical Care team at the School of Medicine. This course is an introduction to organ donation and includes topics such as consent, legal and ethical frameworks, and best practice.

This is a self-directed learning course, which comprises approximately 7-10 study hours. Content will be available all week for you to work through at your own pace. Monday will include a live element by the Critical Care team.

Monday will include a live introductory session by the Critical Care team, which is optional to attend.

Each session is being offered at the introductory rate of just £50 each (with a 10% discount available if you book two or more courses).

Enrol on this course

Start date Days and times
17 October 2022 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 October
£50 (discount available when you book more than one session)

Who it’s for

Suitable for any health care professional with an interest in organ donation looking to expand their knowledge on the subject.

It may be particularly relevant to those working in acute and critical care areas.

What you’ll learn

On completion you will be able to:

  • describe the context of organ donation in the UK, including:
    • consent and authorisation
    • the legal and ethical frameworks, national standards and best practice guidelines
    • cultural and religious perspectives.
  • describe the diagnosis of death using neurological criteria
  • describe best practice approaches to the organ donation process after neurological death/ brain death (DBD) and organ donation after circulatory death (DCD) including:
    • potential donor identification and referral to specialists in organ donation
    • donor assessment for suitability and contraindications
    • breaking bad news and the family approach
    • obtaining consent/authorisation
    • the role of donor optimisation on the outcomes of the transplanted organs
    • organ allocation for transplantation
  • define and recognise the potential for tissue donation in varying clinical areas and the community and identify tissues that can be donated for transplantation.


Increased knowledge and understanding around organ donation.

This course has specifically designed to be delivered entirely virtually. You will benefit from both tutor-led sessions, pre-recorded sessions and interactive exercises.

We encourage active discussion, so you’ll have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with your peers.

We have limited the number of places in order to ensure that you receive the best possible learning experience.

This is one of a suite of four online CPD courses in Critical Care.