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Confident Communication

People with excellent communication skills are more likely to be successful in their work.

How well you communicate determines how you and your ideas come across and whether or not you achieve your objectives. This one day course will explore tactics and methods to improve your ability to communicate with confidence.

Your trainer will be Georgina Jones.

Register your interest

There are currently no upcoming dates available for this course, but you can register your interest by getting in touch.

Who it’s for

Those who need to increase their confidence in a variety of work situations – including during networking events, meetings and interviews.

What you’ll learn

  • How to build rapport and improve relationships
  • What nerves are, why they are there and controlling them
  • How body language can help or hinder
  • Presence and the power of being in the moment
  • The power of listening and getting your message across
  • Personal branding
  • Maintaining a positive state.

Topics covered

  • Looking at beliefs
  • Breathing
  • The power of the voice covering breathing, projection and tone
  • Listening techniques
  • Posture
  • Self talk
  • How we all see the world.


  • Increased personal and professional credibility
  • Giving you the tips to feel empowered to be more confident at work
  • Motivating you to develop your career and not let fear stop you
  • Show you that everyone can improve their confidence
  • A tool box that you can use after the course to develop your career
  • Understanding other people’s needs and working to achieve win:win outcomes.


21-23 Senghennydd Road
CF24 4AG

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