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Leadership and Professional Development (part of LBA)

This session is part of the Cardiff LBA (Leadership in Business Administration). You can choose to book this session only, or attend the whole programme (at a cost benefit).

This session focuses on Leadership and Professional Development.

About the Cardiff LBA

Please note: during the ongoing pandemic, this course will be delivered online, via zoom. If the situation changes later in the year, we may be able to revert to face to face teaching.

The programme is designed to fit around your work and home commitments as it is delivered in one-day sessions across 12 months. You'll find that the sessions are very practical and enjoyable - you'll be able to take ideas back to your organisation and apply them straight away.

You can choose to study just individual sessions or attend the full Cardiff LBA. However, all the topics have been selected in order to give you the broad spectrum of expertise needed to hold senior leadership positions. Find out more about the full LBA programme.

Your trainer will be Sarah Hurlow.

Who it’s for

This programme has been designed to meet the needs of experienced middle managers looking for ways to develop their understanding and knowledge of business to further their career.

The Cardiff LBA programme is suitable for those who wish to learn in short sessions, held once a month over a year - and who do not require accreditation or assessment.

What you’ll learn

This session explores different ways of understanding leadership and their implications for your professional development.

We will consider the way that leadership has become very popular, surpassing ‘management’ as a way of delivering impact in the workplace.  After teasing out assumptions about leadership in participants’ workplaces we will look in detail at three particular ways of understanding leadership.

The first assumes that leaders have special characteristics that set them apart from followers.  We will use the Facet Five self-assessment tool to consider participants’ individual leadership profiles.

The second assumes that leadership is about inspiring others as a result of promoting a compelling vision and corporate values, and focussing attention by role modelling, use of language, and storytelling.

The third, post-heroic approach sees leadership being distributed throughout the organisation by encouraging collaboration and bottom-up innovation.

We will capture the implications for practice of each approach with the aim of developing personal action plans reflecting your specific workplace context.

Active participation in the programme is required from participants and the completion of project work is essential.


  • Cardiff Business School is 6th in the UK for research excellence - the Cardiff LBA gives you the opportunity to meet and work with our excellent academic faculty, on a range of different topics, and in an enjoyable and thought-provoking way.
  • Whether you've already got the learning bug, or it's been a while since you've been to University (or even if you've never studied before) you'll find that working with Cardiff Business School will ignite a passion for new ideas and new thinking.
  • This is a very flexible programme, designed to fit in around existing work and home commitments. Choose to attend all sessions or just the ones that most interest you.
  • Teaching will be wholly applicable to the workplace, so that, following a session, you will be able to begin practically applying your learning straight away.
  • Conversations within the programme are connected to real-world problems that participants are currently facing within the workplace, and those that you will likely face in the future.
  • Teaching examples are provided from a range of different sectors, in order to illustrate key learning points.
  • A Certificate of Attendance for Executive Education at Cardiff Business School will be awarded subject to the completion of all of the education elements of the programme.
Short sessions on key business topics, designed to support the career development of middle managers. Available as a bespoke course.