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Supernova 1987A

New JWST images of Supernova 1987A’s keyhole could unlock mysteries of exploding stars, astronomers claim

31 August 2023

Previously unseen crescent-like structures in the supernova remnant revealed by NASA’s premier telescope

Ring Nebula captured by JWST / Ring Nebula wedi'i ddal gan JWST

Astronomers spy structures that “no previous telescope could detect” in new images of dying star

21 August 2023

Cardiff researchers lead analysis of new images of Ring nebula captured by JWST

Ken Wood, CEO, Sequestim Ltd

Airport security scanner seeks investors

8 August 2023

Walk-through scanner uses space technology

The Ring Nebula

Astronomers spy structures that “no previous telescope could detect” in new images of dying star

4 August 2023

Cardiff researchers analyse new images of Ring nebula captured by JWST

Mid shot of woman smiling at the camera

“Never give up on yourself”: Career in medical physics ahead for Abigail Glover

19 July 2023

Mental health challenges haven’t stopped 22-year-old from achieving her ambitions

Physics Mentoring Project

Inspiring schoolchildren to fall in love with physics

11 July 2023

Applications to become a Physics Mentor are open until Sunday 6 August

A female postgraduate researcher in a lab at Cardiff University’s School of Physics and Astronomy.

Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship for Cardiff physicist

11 July 2023

Funding aims to increase representation in physics research community

Artistic impression of gravitational wave signal from the merging of two black holes

New gravitational waves observation run to reveal more of the universe’s secrets

22 June 2023

Observation of yet-to-be-detected types of gravitational-wave sources more likely with new equipment and analysis techniques, according to LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA collaboration

A photograph of the Any Light Particle Search (ALPS II) experiment in a tunnel.

New hope in search for dark matter as most sensitive instrument of its kind begins first science run

22 June 2023

‘Light shining through a wall’ experiment will aim to produce axions or axion-like particles

'Infinite LIGO Dreams’ Oil on Canvas, 2016 Image credit: Penelope Rose Cowley for Cardiff University

Cardiff to host flagship UK astronomy event

19 June 2023

NAM2023 will reveal the latest astronomy findings amidst a programme of art and education events