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 Craig Williams

Craig Williams

Research Associate


My areas of expertise are within Cognitive Science, Human Factors Psychology, and Research Methods and Statistics with a particular interest in – Interruptions and Distractions, Cognitive Processes (Memory, Attention, Problem Solving, Decision Making), Healthcare, Human Error, Autonomous Vehicles, Automation, Interface Design, and Cyber Security.

Much of my research attempts to bridge gaps between theoretically driven research areas and real-life contexts. For example, I have investigated (and continue to do so) interruptions and distractions within safety critical healthcare settings through the development of a theoretically informed experimental (The CAMROSE Medication Pre-Administration Task) and interruption task (Clinical Decision Making Task) that mimics the contextual and procedural elements of tasks used within healthcare work settings. These tasks have also allowed for me to investigate novel interventions such as adaptable interfaces that both reduces clinical errors but is also flexible to the dynamic clinical environment.

I’m also interested in the application of theoretical principles of cognitive psychology to other real-life contexts. As an active member of the Human Factor Excellence (HuFEx) Research Group (, I’m heavily involved in several research projects concerning, for example, the design of human-machine interfaces and other systems and working processes within a broad range of industrial and public domains including: aviation, autonomous driving, cyber psychology and security, emergency services, healthcare and artificial intelligence. The aims of these projects, past and present, are for example, to promote trust, enhance efficiency and reduce human errors in e.g., technical systems.



Here at Cardiff University, I have been assisting with the delivery of the BSc Psychology PS3118 Human Factors Psychology module. I also supervise psychology placement students with my Research Group Lead Dr Phil Morgan, and have experience of co-supervising the final-year projects/dissertations of final year BSc Psychology undergraduate students, also with Dr Morgan and other colleagues. I have also previously (e.g., at UWE-Bristol) assisted in teaching in Research Methods and Statistics and Cognitive Psychology and led additional training sessions in experimental building software such as PsychoPy.

Research Topics

Human Factors and ergonomics: Healthcare, human error, human-machine interface design, automation, security, and well-being.

Cognitive Science: interruptions and distractions, memory, attention, problem solving, decision making

Research Group

Cognitive Science

Human Factors Excellence (HuFEx) Research Group (

Current Research Projects

The effect of Emotive Irrelevant Background Speech on the Performance of Serial Recall (with Dr Phil Morgan)

Exploring task switching and interruption cost and solutions for Cyber Security work environments - Commissioned by National Centre of Cyber Security (NCSC) (with Dr Phil Morgan, Prof Dylan Jones, and Prof Bill Macken, Dr Candice Morey and Dr Helen Hodgetts)

Finished Research Projects

Venture - Exploring handover, takeover and trust in autonomous vehicles - Funded by Innovate UK (with Dr Phil Morgan)

Flourish – Autonomous Vehicles for Older Adults - Funded by Innovate UK (with Dr Phil Morgan)

Security Perception when Interacting with a Machine – Commissioned by SOS Alarm (Sweden) (with Dr Phil Morgan, Prof Dylan Jones, and Prof Bill Macken)

Cyber Psychology – Human Susceptibility to Malevolent Emails (with Dr Phil Morgan)

Key Research Collaborators

Dr Phil Morgan

Professor Dylan Jones

Professor Bill Macken

Dr Qiyuan Zhang

Dr Phoebe Asquith