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Professor Richard Gwyn

Professor Richard Gwyn


+44 (0)29 2087 4887
1.10, John Percival Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU


I am part of the English Literature and Creative Writing sections of the School.

More information about my work as a writer is available from my own website, at

Some recent publications:

Essay: ‘Nicaragua: Whatever Happened to the Revolution?’ Southwest Review, Spring 2022. 

Review Article: ‘Translating the untranslatable: On Jean Giono’s Les Grands Chemins’. Wales Arts Review, 02.02.2022. 

'Playas de La Boquilla'. Firmament, Vol 1 No 4 (Oct. 2021)

'They Call Me The Ambassador'. Long Read, The Common, October 2021.

'Hide & Seek'. Limited edition short story. Three Impostors Press, 2021.

‘With Lowry in Cuernavaca’. Essay in PN Review 255, Sept-Oct 2020.

‘Contagion Fictions: Love in the Time of Cholera’. Essay in Wales Arts Review, September 2020.

‘Contagion Fictions: Tracing truth in Saramago’s Blindness’.  Essay in Wales Arts Review, September 2020.

Impossible Loves: Poems by Darío Jaramillo. Book of translations & afterword (October 2019). Manchester: Carcanet.

The Blue Tent. A novel (May 2019). Cardigan: Parthian.

Stowaway: A Levantine Adventure Poems (October 2018). Bridgend: Seren.

The Other Tiger: Recent Poetry from Latin America (October 2016). Translations from the Spanish. Bridgend: Seren.


I began my academic career as a linguist, and my first academic publications were in the semiotics of illness and interpersonal sociolinguistics. At the same time I was publishing poetry, and in 2003 I transferred from the 'Language and Communication' section of the School to 'English Literature.' Since then I have published two further poetry collections, two anthologies of poetry, three novels, many articles and stories, and a memoir, The Vagabond's Breakfast, which won a Wales Book of the Year Award in 2012. My most recent novel is The Blue Tent (2019).

I also work as a translator from Spanish, and have published a major anthology of Latin American Poetry, The Other Tiger (2016) which included poems by 97 poets from 16 countries. Edith Grossman wrote that 'this is a book that belongs in every library . . . the translations are beautiful and to the point.' I have also published collections of poetry by the Argentine poets Joaquín O. Giannuzzi and Jorge Fondebrider. My most recent book of translation is a selection of poems by the Colombian Darío Jaramillo, titled Impossible Loves (2019).















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I teach on the MA in Creative Writing and on a range of Undergraduate modules. 

In recent years I have specialised in teaching modules in (a) narrative nonfiction; (b) general fiction; (c) microfiction and the prose poem. 

I have supervised a wide range of PhD students over the past fifteen years.

Research interests

  • narrative nonfiction/memoir
  • the novel, especially experimental and hybrid forms
  • fiction set in Wales
  • microfiction and the prose poem
  • translation theory and practice 
  • contemporary Hispanic American and Iberian literatures
  • history and cultures of the Mediterranean


I currently supervise or co-supervise six PhD students in Creative and Critical Writing.

I will consider applications from outstanding candidates wishing to carry out research in creative and critical writing, specializing in non-fiction, fiction or hybrid genres. I especially welcome innovative proposals that overlap with my own research interests, specifically:

  • Narrative nonfiction & memoir
  • Short fiction & the mixed genre novel
  • Fiction set in Wales
  • The prose poem
  • Borges & Hispanic American literature
  • Translation studies

Past projects

Supervisor for Seosamh McGrath - Beneath The Look: A Life In Care: a memoir and critical review (awarded 2021)

Supervisor for Julia Rose Lewis - What is lost without discourse between philosophy of science and poetry? Poetry and critical commentary (awarded 2020);

Supervisor for Christina Thatcher - More than you were: Writing the Death of an Addict, a combined study (interviews and literary analysis) into bereavement through addiction, and a collection of poems (awarded 2020)

Supervisor for Christie Collins - Call Me Daughter: A Collection of Poems and a Critical Examination of Southern Ambivalence and the Adult-Child Voice in Contemporary Southern Poetry (awarded 2020)

Supervisor for Julie Primon - Like A River Towards the Sea: A novel and critical commentary (awarded 2020)

Supervisor for Susan Morgan - Modest Venus: Experiments in Seeing, a creative-critical study of the representation of women's bodies in medical science and classical art (awarded 2018)

Supervisor for Dan Anthony  - The Myth and its Registration, an examination of intellectual property and trademarking, and a novel, The Pumpkin Season (awarded 2018)

Supervisor for João Morais - The Gwerin and the Cracach, a critical examination on the themes of identity, class, masculinity and language, and a novel, Kilroy F****n Jones (awarded 2017)

Supervisor for Robert Walton - Root and Branch, a novel and critical commentray on the representation of masculinities in the novels of contemporary Welsh women writers in English (awarded 2017)

Supervisor for Peter Gyngell - The Enigmas of Borges and The Enigma of Borges (awarded 2012)

Supervisor for Holly Howitt-Dring - Subversive genres: The Novella and Microfiction (awarded 2008)