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Professor Katie Gramich BA (Wales) MA (London) PhD (Alberta)

Professor Katie Gramich

BA (Wales) MA (London) PhD (Alberta)

Emerita Professor

+44 (0)29 2087 5622
1.13, John Percival Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU
Welsh speaking
Available for postgraduate supervision


My research is in the area of English Literature.

I specialise in the literatures of Wales in comparative contexts. Much of my research has been concerned with the recuperation of neglected or forgotten women writers, and the incorporation of their work into a developing canon of modern Welsh writing. My doctoral work was on Caribbean poetry in English, Spanish, and French and, though I no longer teach in this area, I am still fascinated by comparison across languages and cultures, including between Welsh and English in Wales. Feminism is central to my work, but I have also drawn on post-colonial theory and, more recently, on theories of space and place. I am also interested in the theory and practice of literary translation, which I regard as a creative process in its own right.


Katie  Gramich is originally from Ceredigion in West Wales and was educated at the  Universities of Aberystwyth, King's College London, and Alberta. She has lived in Spain, Canada, England, and Wales, and has a good knowledge of German, Spanish,  Italian and French, as well as her native Welsh and English.

She is interested  in comparative, feminist, and gender studies. With Professor Claire Connolly at University College Cork and Dr  Paul O'Leary at Aberystwyth University, she runs the Wales-Ireland Research Network.





  • Gramich, K. Y. 2016. Llwyfen Grin. Taliesin - Yr Academi Gymreig.
  • Gramich, K. Y. 2016. Welsh poetry since 1945. In: Larrissy, E. ed. British Poetry, 1945-2010. Cambridge University, pp. 163-177.















Modules taught include '˜Early Twentieth-Century Poetry', '˜Modern Welsh Writing in English'™, and 'Modern and Contemporary Women's Poetry'™, on the BA in English Literature and 'Welsh Fiction'™ and '˜A Journey into Travel Writing'™ on the MA in English Literature.

My  research to date has focused on a) rediscovering neglected Welsh women writers  and bringing their work back into the public domain and b) bringing comparative  and feminist perspectives to bear on wide a range of twentieth-century  literature.

Research interests

  • the literatures of Wales
  • twentieth-century poetry in the British Isles
  • women's writing
  • comparative literature
  • Modernism and marginality
  • travel  writing
  • literary translation

Postgraduate students

I  would welcome applications from potential postgraduate students interested in any of the above areas.

You are welcome to contact me in Welsh, if you wish / Mae croeso i chwi  gysylltu â mi yn y Gymraeg, os dymunwch.


My current PGR students are Elinor Shepley (working on the representation of old age in Welsh fiction in English), Nathan Munday (working on the religious tradtion in Welsh poetry from Pantycelyn to David Jones) and Seth Armstrong-Twigg (working on an ecocritical analysis of mining literature from Wales).

I am interested in supervising PhD students in the following areas:

  • the literatures of Wales - all periods, both languages
  • women's writing
  • literary translation
  • modern poetry in the British Isles
  • postcolonial and feminist approaches to modern literature

I am happy to supervise research written in Welsh or English; supervisions can be in either language (or both!)/Rwy'n hapus iawn i gyfarwyddo ymchwil yn y Gymraeg neu'r Saesneg; gall ein cyfarfodydd bod yn y naill iaith neu'r llall (neu yn y ddwy!)

Past projects

  • Lucy Thomas, 'The Fiction of Hilda Vaughan: Negotiating the Boundaries of Welsh Identity' (2008)
  • Stephen Hendon, 'Slaves of the Successful Century?: Ideas of Identity in Joseph Conrad and Alun Lewis' (2010)
  • Laura Wainwright, 'New Territories in Modernism: Anglophone Welsh Writing 1930-1949' (2010) Published by the University of Wales Press under the same title 2018.
  • Tomos Owen, 'London-Welsh Writing 1890-1915: Ernest Rhys, Arthur Machen, W. H. Davies and Caradoc Evans' (2011)
  • Elidir Jones, 'Nationalism and Welsh Writing in Comparative Contexts, 1925-1966' (2011)
  • Michelle Deiniger, 'Short Fiction by Women from Wales: A Neglected Tradition' (2013)
  • Catherine Phelps, '[Dis]solving Genres: Arguing the Case for Welsh Crime Fiction' (2013)
  • Emma Schofield, 'Independent Wales? The Impact of Devolution on Welsh Fiction in English' (2014)
  • Jihan Zakarriya Mahmoud, 'Decontruction of Different Forms of Apartheid in Edward Said, J. M. Coetzee, and Jabra Ibrahim Jabra' (2014)
  • (Co-supervisor 50%) Llŷr Gwyn Lewis, 'Newydd Gân a Luniodd i'w Genedl': Agweddau ar Geltigrwydd T. Gwynn Jones a W. B. Yeats, 1890-1925' (2014)
  • (Co-supervisor 50%) Lisa Sheppard, 'O'r Gymru 'Ddu' i'r Ddalen 'Wen': Darllen Amlddiwylliannedd ac Aralledd o'r Newydd yn Ffuglen Gyfoes De Cymru er 1990'  (2015) Cyhoeddwyd gan Wasg Prifysgol Cymru yn 2018.
  • Peter Kerry Morgan, 'Impersonality and the Extinction of Self: A Comparison of the Poetry of Keith Douglas and Alun Lewis' (2015)

I have also acted as an active second supervisor for a number of PhD candidates in Creative Writing.